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☆☠Look I can be an intellectual too!☠☆

So you're not really that cool or interesting too.

26 May 1989
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I speak my mind therefore I am a bitch.

Name: Setsuna
Age: 22
Likes/Dislikes: I like jrock, lolita fashion, things with the Union Jack on it, playing video games, food, puting images from magazines on my walls, drawing, arguing with people, going to concerts, reading mangas. I dislike people who believe that their not wrong when they are, people who end friendships for silly reasons, posers, close mindedness, supporting starbucks [sorry ppl]


Band: L'Arc~en~Ciel
Movie: Girl
Brand: H.Naoto
Color: Blue
Game: Grandia II
Model: Perish [oh baby]
Music Genre: a tie between indutrial and black metal
Book: Hairstlyes of The Damned
Show: Queer as Folk
Animated Show: Gundam Wing
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