Sorry people semi friends only. Comment to be added. It's not like your really missing anything THAT amazing.
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I am the queen of not getting shit done.

So Otakon isn't too far off and I'm in a mess. i need to pay my bus tickets, my part of the hotel fee, and finish my cosplays. Which means I'm going in hermit mode till the end of july. Because I am horrible I spent all my tax money on shit and wasted too much time not getting my cosplays done. So I'm cancelling out my cosplay of Ivan from Tiger&Bunny. My fem Barnaby cosplay will not have his jacket and lolita Kotetsu will be regular fem Kotetsu. It's just the minor things that are making shit difficult.
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Girly Hyde

I'm not dead yet.

After becoming a more private person day after day I feel as if having this journal up is pointless. But I felt that everyone has a right to know that I'm not dead yet. I'm still alive and kicking and hounding the sales post on the Tiger & Bunny community, cause that show is my new obsession. It's like I'm a 11 years old going batshit over Gundam Wing again. And it feels good to let my inner pathetic otaku out. It also feels good to have friends who can understand my geeky ways.

On another note dream concerts are happening in March. Orgy, my favorite band right after L'arc, is gonna be performing on tuesday. I remember being in elementary school when I first heard them and actually started giving music a chance cause all I use to listen to was midis of video game songs. I use to know all of their songs by heart. I use to face palm when other kids in my school and classes didn't know who they were. I still felt like a big werido outcast but at least I knew there were weird outcast who made music for the rest of us.

But the best news for concerts in march is that L'Arc~en~Ciel is performing in Madison Square Garden on the 25! Autumn brought the tickets for us the day presales went up. She spent an hour on her smart phone at work trying to get them. The seats are good from what i can see in the seating chart. I'm so excited since L'Arc is my favorite band ever. I always use to say Orgy was but when I first hear L'Arc I was drawn into them like a moth to light. Even when I didn't know what their songs were saying I could always feel what it was trying to say and finding out I got the feel the song correct always made em happy. I can't get tired of them easily like i do with others. There are only very few songs that i don't like. Honestly it's really only one when i think about it. I remember in high school how people thought i was this big ass for ever thinking I could see them perform without having to travel to Japan. But yeah guess what you small minded asses, music is an international language so they reached the ears of many people here.

Last but not least let me talk about how I'm just really not feeling going out to lolita meet ups anymore. I still love the fashion, I wouldn't have made some awesome friends if it weren't for it. But I really don't care for large meet ups anymore. I'm always happy to meet new lolis but since apparently my personality is hard to understand it makes developing acquaintances kinda hard. Asides from that I'm perfectly content with hanging out with the few girls I know from the fashion. They get me and I get them. I'm sick of befriending other lolis only to have the start petty squabbles with me over stupid things. I'm also tired of having to pretend to like certain people. i mean it's the classy thing to do in a public outing to be polite and such to people you mingle with. But I make it very clear that I do not liek someone and that they shouldn't even bother trying to talk to me cause it's a lost cause.

Speaking of petty squabbles, I am done with trying to argue with people. I know in the past I have come off as aggressive but really where has that gotten me? I've come to realize the more I don't let shit get to me or give a shit about things the better I feel and am able to go on my merry way. From what I gathered through tumblr and other places people, maininly those close to my age group, tend to open their stupid mouths and say things without getting their facts straight or reading wtf they are going off about. Yeah, I don't know about them but I'm a adult a crap lousy one who is living off their parents money while working a shitty job, but an adult none the less and I have no time or need to act like I'm still in high school during my shut up I know what i'm saying and doing cause I totally think I'm mature phase. disagree with me that's fine cause I'm still gonna think what I'm gonna think and I'm not gonna go on and on with you about whatever topic we're on.

Tiger & Bunny is taking over my hobby time.
L'Arc~en~Ciel and Orgy are having concerts in NY in march and I is going.
I feel no need to go to big lolita meet ups anymore cause I rather be with those few people I already know.
I'm tired of dealing with people and just have no fucks to give anymore.
Angry Homer

(no subject)

It sucks so bad that my financial situation is really bad right now that I can't even afford to buy things that I would normally purchase without no problem. It's like every week I have something t pay off and only $20 to $40 for the week if I'm lucky.

A little less selfish

I decided to be a little less selfish and help my mom out in any way I can with the rent and such. I'll make sure I take care of all bills until everything turns back to normal for us. I decided that she doesn't have o pay me back my tax money she borrowed for the rent. Gas and electric are a breeze its the internet/cable combo bill that kills me. But I'll do my best to make small sacrifices along the way. My parents informed me that they never threw away all my clothes they just bagged them up and expect me to clean at least one bag a week so that i don't continue wasting my money on a new wardrobe.

Once shit gets back to normal I'm gonna go back to lazy self center careless selfish ways again. I'm a good person not a saint.

No cold can hold me down! Life update.

For those who want a quick update on my life aside from the bedbug problem here's what I've been doing so far.
  • Stalking my mailbox for my tax check.
  • Getting sick, drink red potion, heal, get sick again, get a fairy in a bottle, get sick yet again.
  • Talk with former friends and class mates who are a lot more cooler now than in the past.
  • Rebuild my wardrobe. But then again I'm always doing that cause my style is a huge mash up of various styles and subcultures anyway.
  • Chilling with super awesome people and thinking about cutting off certain people.
  • Thinking about the easter rapture meet, sakura masturi and what to do on my birthday.
  • I got Blue Eyes white Dragon blood!
So yeah that's pretty much it.